"Confidence in Kalachakra

Lunes, Octubre 31, 2016

"We feel confident, and can gain an insigth into happines"

~His holiness Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje!-//-

"Karma Guen is FOrever 13"

Emptiness as a vastness in a relying parallel worlds.
It's the sound of Kalachakra, many offerings before, in the middle and after, into it. Many entrances, many exit of timeless faces of its sacred essence and name, Kalamana, Chakra, damarü, rounded, in boths shapes goes and going for, its identity and the space turning, flying, seeing the trail that leaves an airplane across the sky when its left of its heavy metals, going back, aback, spreading the seeds.

. Emptiness its the form
so form has a emptiness Face.
After a lot of premises and a dosis of effort...
rounded ghaous!.-
Just happened.